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Welcome to Mechengg 

India's one of the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of High Quality
Toggle clamps , 
Machine Handwheels  &  Revolving handles 


Our mission is to offer more reliable high-quality aesthetic designed products by maintaining International recognized quality standards to our customers.


Our vision is to be a more preferred and reliable brand trademark not only countrywide but also worldwide.

Industrial Area

Is now an
ISO 9001 : 2015

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Our Products


Toggle Clamps

Toggle Clamp is a work-holding device that usually consists of a handle to control the device, a holding bar to grip the workpiece, and a linkage system of pivot pins and levers to boost the applied force. Once engaged, the toggle clamp essentially becomes locked.

A toggle clamp typically serves to secure an object tightly in order to prevent it from moving or separating when inward pressure is applied.


Handwheels are used to position and adjust shafts and spindles manually, and also predominantly used as a control element in machine and plant construction. It is suitable for opening and closing valves in hydraulic and steel aggregates.


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